Tourism Ministry, KEIOS Consultants Visit Key Touristic Sites for the Development of National Tourism Strategy Plan

In continuation of their assessment of key touristic sites countrywide for the development of the Tourism Master Plan, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the National Tourist Board together with the World Bank hired KEIOS consultants have visited prime touristic sites and held engagements at the communities with key stakeholders on the essence of their assessment.

The team headed by the Deputy Minister, William I. K. Robinson and the Technical Head, the Director of Tourism, Mohamed Jalloh together with the Consultants, Mike Fabricius and Lucy McCombes, staff of the Ministry met with stakeholders at Senekedugu in Koinadugu District where the consultants took a tour of the vegetable farms in the community. The team proceeded to Gola Rain Forest Office in Kenema, engaged the management of the park before embarking on a thourough exploration of the forest. Community stakeholders in Nomo Faama in Gola were engaged and encouraged to continue protecting the forest as it has enormous benefits for tourism and their livelihood. The consultants also visited Sileti in the Gola Rainforest where they climbed the nature platform. At Sulima in Pujehun District, they were able to take a tour of the long stretch of beach that borders Sierra Leone and Liberia and also spoke with the Chief and community stakeholders on what are their ideas in the development of Tourism in their community and also the importance of the development of a Masterplan that will include their touristic asset.

The exercise will continue in other parts of the country that host notable touristic and cultural assets and will be factored in the Masterplan that will serve as an umbrella and synchronizes and existing and future strategic documents, policies, projects and activities for the sustainable development of the tourism sector.

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