The ministry of tourism and cultural affairs is tasked with the responsibility of contributing to the transformation of Sierra Leone into a middle-income country through exercise its mandate as stated.

The immense potential of the Tourism Sector to act as a catalyst of economic and social development has been acknowledged in national and international forum. In many countries, tourism is a significant vehicle for economic progress that generates employment, foreign exchange, tax revenues and contributes to poverty alleviation.

In fact, tourism is the world’s fastest growing industry, and it is expected to be the world’s largest industry very soon. Hence promoting tourism is a critical issue for many developing countries of which Sierra Leone is not an exception. The Government of Sierra Leone has placed tourism on a priority platform, making efforts to exploit the tourism resources and potential offered by the Country.

To promote sustainable tourism for economic growth and socio-cultural empowerment in order to preserve, protect and promote cultural diversity with a view to reviving and strengthening national consciousness, understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage and artistic creativity as well as enhance its contribution to poverty reduction and overall development.

The ministry of tourism and culture wish to transform Sierra Leone tourism “home of hospitality” into one of the most attractive tourists and cultural destinations in the world.

To provide quality products, services, and facilities with good value for money, positioning Sierra Leone as a competitive, hospitable, quality and environmentally friendly destination while maximizing the benefits from tourism for the government, local communities and investors.

  • Formulate appropriate policies, legislation, and regulations for the tourism industry
  • Develop suitable plans in consultation with stakeholders
  • Coordinate and liaise with MDAs, district councils, regional and international organizations and set up inter-ministerial and inter-sectorial committees
  • Coordinate and liaise with the private sector including financial institutions to promote the interest of tourism stakeholders
  • Facilitate and promote domestic, regional and international tourism development
  • Represent the sector on the Boards of MDA’s where decisions are taken
  • Facilitate, network and attract local and foreign investment
  • Facilitate and provide suitable incentives for private sector investment
  • Responsible to coordinate, spearhead and collaborate with other MDAs in the implementation of tourism infrastructural development projects
  • Create entrepreneurial opportunities for and ensure the involvement of communities to benefit from tourism
  • Monitor and supervise the performance of the sector and implementing agencies
  • Ensure the sustainable use of the environment in which tourism operate by ensuring the integration of environmental assessment and management plan principles
  • Implement measures to ensure tourism products and services are affordable to Sierra Leoneans and encourage their utilization
  • Register tourism and hospitality colleges and provide accreditation and an up-to-date curriculum
  • Ensure tourism-training institutions are established in all regions of the country.
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