This brief captures all the activities and engagements undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs in March, 2024

♦️The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the National Tourist Board held a press conference at the Ministry’s Kingharman Road Headquarters to inform journalists about the outcome of the sector’s participation at this year’s Internationale Tourismus-Borse Berlin (ITB) in Germany. They explained that their participation was a success that attracted an unprecedented 1,651 tourists that visited the Sierra Leone Explore Freedom stand during the showpiece event.

♦️In commencement of the Create and Innovate month of the Tourism for All Campaign, the Team Lead who also doubles as the Director of Culture, Foday Jalloh spearheaded the launch of the group and week dubbed “Lek U Culture” at Waterloo. The essence was to showcase and promote creative talents as well as utilizing them for the furtherance of tourism and culture.

♦️Dr. H. Patton, a Professor of dance from the United Kingdom through the Decolonizing Education for Peace in Africa (DEPA) project is in Sierra Leone to build the capacity of the National Dance Troupe and cross-section of members from other private cultural groups including Sabanoh dancers, Puvande cultural group and Biana players. The production of a Performing Arts teaching manual and the training of 120 Performing Arts teachers are part of the line of activities.

♦️The Deputy Minister, Khadijatu Grace Ahene Kamara and the Acting Senior Assistant Secretary of the Ministry, Fatmata Samura attended the global gathering on the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York, United States of America. During the annual two-week session, UN member states, civil society organization and UN entities gather to discuss progress and gaps in the implementation of the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platforms for Actions, the key global policy document on gender equality, and the 23rd special session of the General Assembly held in 2000 (Beijing+5) as well as emerging issues that affect gender equality and the empowerment of women.

♦️In order to promote one of the country’s creative outfits, the Minister, Nabeela Tunis in an interview spoke on a unique type of fabric known as the print style done by Madam Frederica. The Minister’s speech was geared towards showcasing the creative and innovate dynamic the dress has taken as well as encouraging Sierra Leoneans to share the history, importance and value of the unique design that has evolve over the years.

♦️At the Ministry of Information and Civic Education Weekly Press Conference, the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Mrs. Nabeela Farida Tunis explained the vision and plans for transforming Sierra Leones tourism sector whiles the General Manager of the National Tourist Board, Fatmata Hamid Carew talked on the status of the country’s beaches and provided updates on the demolition exercise.

♦️The Ministry and the National Tourist Board with support from the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) handed-over the refurbished 24 bedroom hotel and 6 classrooms of the Hotel and Tourism Training Centre (HTTC) to Milton Margai Technical University (MMTU) Brookfields campus.

♦️In order for staff of the Ministry and its sub-vented agencies to understand the tourism for all concept and be able to promote in in their communities, schools, universities and the civil service ecosystem, the Minister, Nabeela Tunis explained to staff in a comprehensive presentation the concept and essential fundamentals in executing the year-long campaign. The Director of Tourism, Mohamed Jalloh presented in detail the Beach Policy.

♦️Minister Tunis received the report of the comprehensive Management and Functional Review (MFR) of the Ministry conducted by the Public Sector Reform Unit (PSRU). The aim of the MFR process was to strengthen management and operational systems of the Ministry to ensure efficient coordination, monitoring and service delivery consistent with the development agenda of the government.

♦️The Ministry conducted a city tour of touristic and cultural attractions in Western Area for West African Telecommunication Regulators Assembly (WATRA) delegation. They visited the National Museum, Cotton Tree, State House, Maroon Church, Big Market, Correctional Centre, Peace Museum, Tacugama Chimps Sanctuary.

♦️The Ministry and its agencies commemorate World Forest Day and World Water Day (March 21st &22nd) 2024. The days are dedicated to raising awareness about the increase importance of forests for our planet and its inhabitant and to remind ourselves about the importance of water for our lives.

♦️The Assistant Director of Culture, Ishmeal Abu Kamara on behalf of Minister Tunis launched the portraits of Artistic legends by the Balanta Academy of Music and Performing Arts. Ishmeal Abu Kamara noted that legends are genre of folklore that consists of narrative featuring human actions that have taken place in human history, a larger life story that should be passed from one generation to the other.

♦️Minister Tunis and team have during an inspection of the Airport Hotel commended the extensive improvement of Lungi International Airport Hotel made by a Sierra Leonean Entrepreneur, (Abubakarr Achie Fofanah). Minister Tunis pinpointed the hotel’s cultural aesthetics, saying that it aligned with the Tourism for All Campaign’s March theme of Create and Innovate and also the Ministry’s objective to promote Sierra Leonean culture. Urika beach and river creek in Lokomasama, Port Loko district were also visited with the aim of ascertaining it current status as well as harnessing it touristic potential.

♦️Staff of the Ministry and it agencies (NTB, MRC) kick-started the week of Sierra Leonean creativity and innovation by wearing typical made in “salone” African dresses for the whole week. The week was in line with the Create and Innovate month of March in the Tourism for All Campaign as well as showcasing the country’s unique cultural attires.

♦️The Ministry with support from Leone Metal Rock Group launched the installation of solar lights along Lumley Beach front. The project was part of the Ministry’s objective to transform coastal areas into enticing eco-tourism friendly destinations.

♦️Officials from the Ministry and the National Tourist Board led by Minister Tunis together with private sector representative embarked on an on the spot visit to Lumley Beach. The visit was part of the sector’s engagement with beach bar owners regarding the demolition, general compliance and other related issues pertaining to sustainable use of the beach front.

♦️There were several media engagements on different radio and Television stations by communication professionals and staff of the Ministry and its agencies. These media discussions were centered around explaining the monthly thematic areas of the campaign with particular reference to March’s Create and Innovate theme.

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