Promotion of Domestic Tourism…Tourism Ministry & Hello Sierra Leone take Participants to Railway Museum

In an effort to bolster domestic tourism and commemorate International Museum Day, Hello Sierra Leone, a prominent tourism and lifestyle company, orchestrated an immersive excursion to the National Railway Museum.

The initiative, part of the broader Tourism for All Campaign’s Culture and Heritage theme of May, aimed to showcase Sierra Leone’s rich heritage and foster a deeper appreciation for its cultural assets. Participants were treated to an educational journey led by knowledgeable tour guides at both the National Museum and the National Railway Museum.

Mohamed Momoh Bangura, a senior tour guide at the National Railway Museum, offered profound insights into Sierra Leone’s railway history, shedding light on its operational significance until its cessation in 1975. Mr. Bangura emphasized the importance of preserving historical locomotives and urged citizens to engage with the museum to gain a comprehensive understanding of the country’s past.

The event garnered participation from representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, stakeholders from HSL, and students from IPAM University of Sierra Leone, reflecting a collective commitment to promoting Sierra Leone’s cultural heritage and tourism potential.

The tour continued on Sunday, May 19, 2024, promising further enrichment of participants’ understanding of Sierra Leone’s vibrant history and tourism offerings.

MTCA Communications