Key Takeaways from Mrs. Nabeela Tunis interview on AYV Television (Wake up Sierra Leone)

The Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Nabeela Tunis was on AYV Wake Up Sierra Leone show to elaborate on the year-long Tourism for All Campaign and other issues that relates to the development of tourism and culture in Sierra Leone

Here are the key points of the interview👇👇👇👇

👉Changing the Image of Sierra Leone Marketing and Rebranding efforts have yielded fruits with Sierra Leone gaining international accolades from National geographic, Forbes, CNN and others naming Sierra Leone as one of the world’s greatest places to visit. The destination is also rated highly in the world giving index, countries with lowest cost of happiness and the global peace index.

👉On the Tourism4All Campaign- The idea was conceived based on series of brainstorming with staff of the Ministry and agencies to further promote and preserve the country’s rich cultural heritage as well as get people to understand the value of tourism. The campaign which has a theme for every month is targeting 3.5 million people through various means and channels.

👉Efforts in Beach Cleaning- The Ministry and partners have been engaging in massive beach cleaning exercises. They are also investigating the sources of the waste while calling on young people to find innovative ways to effectively and efficiently manage the waste on the beaches.

👉On the development at Leicester Peak- It falls under those sites that the Ministry under the World Bank (SLEDP) is developing state of the art, low impact facility that will attract local and international visitors. It is closed to the public but it will be open once the construction is completed in 2025.

👉On the African-Americans Home Coming- They are hoping to have a home coming in December, the month of festivities and entertainment. Gateway to liberation and Freedom will be launched in April, arrangements are being made to reach out to those African American that traced their roots to Sierra Leone and get them to join the programme in December.

👉On the Demolition of Structures at Lumley Beach- They held meetings with beach bar owners association on the standard they want to see along the beach fronts. Based on the guidelines issued by NTB and to maintain hygiene they had to remove some of the structures that do not conform to the standard required.

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