February Travel & Hospitality BULLETINS



This brief captures activities and engagements undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs during the *TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY* Month of February.
👉The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs played host to the first batch of 690 Budapest-Bamako Freetown rally participants at a finish-line event held at Gigibonta Car Park, Lumley Beach. It was the third time that the Explore Freedom destination was playing host to the largest adventurous and humanitarian rally, a demonstration of international confidence in the destination. Another batch of 194 rally participants were received in Freetown on March 4th 2024.
👉The Ministry with support from the World Bank Sierra Leone Economic Diversification Project (SLEDP) certified 800 women entrepreneurs trained by Madam. They received their certificates at a well-attended ceremony held at Freetown City Council Hall. The training which was to develop their craft, artisan and entrepreneurial skills in the tourism and hospitality industry, targeted women from Bureh, Kent, Bonthe, Number 2, Leicester and Bathurst communities.
👉The Deputy Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Khadijatu Grace Kamara participated at the Culture and Arts Education conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She delivered a statement on partnership and financing in support of culture and arts education.
👉Minister Nabeela Farida Tunis at the celebration of 2024 Chinese Spring Festival made a case for the display of Sierra Leonean products on Chinese markets. She also used the occasion to explain the year-long national campaign on tourism and culture titled, Tourism for All Campaign.
👉Deputy Minister, Khadijatu Grace Kamara together with the organizers of the House of Stars Reality TV Show handed-over the grand prizes of a house, a car and cash prize to the winner, Hawa Kamara commonly known as Hawa Tombo.
👉On the invitation of President Bio through the Tourism Ministry, ECOWAS Parliamentarian led by its Speaker, Hon. Sidie Mohamed Tunis were taken on a tour of Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. They came in contact with the Chimps and also experienced the eco-friendly ambiance of Sierra Leone. the lawmakers were also taken on a tour of the Peace Museum where they expressed hope for the new Sierra Leone after seeing flashes of the 11 years civil war.
👉The Hotel Association in collaboration with the National Tourist Board took teachers and school pupils on a conducted tour of the National Museum, Peace and Cultural Monument and York village. Tourism establishments such as country lodge hotel, Wakanow travel agency and Atlantic hotel were also visited. The essence was to create awareness about the beautiful travel and hospitality facilities as well as educate school pupils on the preservation of the country’s rich cultural heritage.
👉At a well-organized ceremony by SLEDP, PROBLUE project, involving Ministries of Finance, Tourism and Environment, the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Mrs. Tunis launched the Go Circular Week. The aim was to address the issue of plastic waste by raising awareness on the importance of reducing plastic pollution and the need to embrace circular practices that encourages the use of environmentally friendly products. The week was climaxed by a pitch night on plastic circularity at Limkokwing University.
👉During the ECOWAS Female Parliamentarian Association (ECOFEPA) regional summit in Freetown, Minister Tunis shared her thoughts on Emotional Well-being and Self-Awareness to delegates. Her submission sought to empower young people to fill the knowledge gap in the digital space to curb unemployment rates in the region.
👉In connection with the travel and hospitality month of February, the Ministry took media practitioners on a conducted tour of Peace Museum at Special Court and Railway Museum at Cline Town. The rationale was to embrace peace and also to open up touristic centers for people to visit and learn about the country.
👉As part of the Tourism for All Campaign, Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School in Zimmi, Southern Sierra Leone took 20 pupils to Bush Garden in Bo and Sulima Beach in Soro-Gbeima Chiefdom in Pujehun Districts. The purpose was to have first-hand experience on touristic sites, hospitality and hotel management.
👉A delegation from the Ministry led by Minister Tunis took the Tourism for All Campaign to Kabala. The essence was to promote the touristic attractions and cultural diversity of the districts as well as establishing arrangements for partnerships to develop the sites.
👉There were several media engagements on different radio and TV stations by sector stakeholders including the Minster and Communications professionals of the sector. These engagements were centered around explaining the monthly thematic themes of the Tourism for All Campaign as well as providing updates on the activities of the Ministry and its agencies.
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