Sierra Leone Ranks 1st as Country with lowest cost of Happiness

Sierra Leone has been ranked first as the country with the lowest cost of happiness in the world. This was according to a research data by Purdue University’s study into the relationship between happiness and income where Sierra Leone emerged as the nation with the lowest price of happiness with just $8,658 (£6,945) per year needed to get merry.

Despite the global economic downturns that countries are still struggling to grapple with and recover from since Covid and Russia and Ukraine war, the West African nation sit pretty on the full list of 174 countries where happiness comes at a minimal cost. Although there are challenges in Sierra Leone to make ends meet as it is everywhere in the globe, to be happy and jolly will cost you less in Sierra Leone compared to anywhere in the world.

This is seen by the country’s tourism sector in particular as a huge plus for travel and hospitality as the cost of happiness relate to tourists’ consideration when choosing a destination to visit. In that regard, more tourists will visit Sierra Leone and will in turn add up to tourism receipts in 2024.

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