Limkokwing University to boost Sierra Leone Tourism Sector

On the 8th June 2018, a delegation from the University of Limkokwing across the Globe hung heads with the Hon. Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs (MTCA), Madam Memunatu B. Pratt, to discuss the major challenges facing the sector and to work in partnership in building staff capacity across the sector.

The Head of the said delegation, Madam Gail Phung, Senior Vice President of Limkokwing University Worldwide said: “ we are here to stimulate the service on Tourism through skills training ”. Madam Phung further talked about introducing tourism programs into our curriculum which, she said, will include Bachelor, Diploma and Certificate programs. These training programmes, she continued, will not only be limited to Freetown but will also be extended to the provinces.

Among the delegation were Agnes Mugo, Department of Registry and Students’ Welfare and Onalenna Phambuka, Director of Academic Management, International Coordination.

After some fruitful submissions, the Hon. Minister, thanked and welcomed the delegation on behalf of H.E. President Bio and the Ministry; meanwhile maintaining that it is timely at this crucial moment in the history of Sierra Leone Tourism when His Excellency is about to change the entire narrative of the sector.

Speaking on the existing Tourism School, Madam Pratt disclosed: “We are trying to upgrade the Hotel & Tourism Training Centre to make the Campus a first class one.”

The Hon. Minister furthered that the said sector needs to have personnel who are certified by itself through developing standards and processes, adding that she has already established a strong relationship with a Dutch-based organization called PUM on the same proposal.

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