Following a snap visit few days ago, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs in Sierra Leone and its sub vented agencies in working relationship with relevant line ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) on Friday 24th July, 2020 paid an official assessment visit to the most talked-about Mambo/Mile 13 natural waterfall around the mountainous forest reserve overlooking the Mambo beach area along the Western area Peninsular.


In her opening statement while posing with an awe  inspiring looks as the sound of water falling about 300 metres (1,000 feet), the Hon. Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Dr. Memunatu B. Pratt, exclaimed that the country is a place of unbelievable beauty. “We will transform here to a tourist attraction site being a blessing in disguise as some other countries the world over look for such opportunity to develop their tourism industry,” the Hon. Minister explained. She furthered that the Mambo Waterfalls reminds her of the Niagara Falls in Canada, promising to use the experience from her last year visit to the said country to develop the product. She also expressed satisfaction over the ideal hiking and ecotourism potentials found in the Falls


The Hon. Deputy Minister of MTCA Mr. William I.K. Robinson maintained that Tourism should be our gem since Diamond has failed us. “We have most of the Tourism products inherent in this land with beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches that are rated among the best in the world,” Mr. Robinson concluded


The Director of Tourism Mr. Mohamed Jalloh remarked the experience of climbing the mountain to see the wonder which, according him, gives one an exhilarating breath that international tourists yearn for. He concluded that the site will add to Sierra Leone’s revenue base by increasing both domestic and international Tourism, thereby aligning with His Excellency’s New Direction drive of economic diversification.

In his statement, the Deputy Minister of Defence, pointed out that Tourism thrives better under sound security assurance, promising all of his ministry’s unflinching support towards achieving this goal.

The Deputy Director of Sierra Leone Road Maintenance Fund Mr. Bashiru Sheriff expressed delight over collaborating with MTCA towards developing the road leading to the site since part of their job, he continued, is to provide the fund through Finance Ministry while the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority does the work on ground.

On behalf of the youths, Mr. Mohamed Bendu, a community stakeholder expressed joy over the benefits their community will stand to gain if such project comes to reality as he placed much emphasis on its job creation potential.


Meanwhile, similar sentiments were expressed by the many representatives from the MDAs  present.