Minister & Deputy Tourism Minister Participate in Orientation Workshop for Ministers, Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers

The Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Nabeela Tunis and her Deputy, Kadijatu Grace Kamara have joined other Ministers of government in an orientation workshop spare headed by President Bio.

The event dubbed “Public Service System Retreat” was initiated by President Bio in his first term in office with the aim to alter the dynamics between political leadership and the administrative sector to guarantee that ministers, permanent secretaries, and other sector participants must engage in practical, upbeat service delivery.

The President informed the gathering that with the young people in his cabinet, he had the strongest conviction that they were going to deliver on his ‘Big Five Agenda’, which he had promised voters during the June 24 elections.

He added that with his present crop of ministers, deputies, and administrative leadership, he was aware of the fact that they could not work and accomplish the Sierra Leone People’s Party’s manifesto if they were not together, thereby understanding the shared vision of getting to achieve as a team.

Chief Minister, Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, said he was eager and excited that they were participating in the workshop. He praised the President for appointing one of the most diverse and inclusive teams in the country’s history.

He reiterated, on behalf of the ministers, deputies, and administrative sector officials, their expectations and commitments to delivering and being fully present right through the journey. He concluded that they were aware that with commitment they would be able to fully deliver on the aspirations of the President.

MTCA Communications.