Harnessing Tourism for Economic Growth, Nabeela Tunis Talks to AYV’s Inside Life Show

The Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Mrs. Nabeela Farida Tunis has in her interview with AYV’s Inside Life Television programme elaborated on the topic, Harnessing Tourism for Economic Growth. The interview was done in three folds at three different hospitality establishments, Leisure Lodge, Hotel Bamoi and Hotel Cabenda respectively.

In line with the Travel and Hospitality month of the Tourism for All Campaign, aimed at promoting domestic tourism and internal travel, the move to the three hotels aimed at raising awareness on places to visit and also to remind hotel owners that standards need to be kept to attract tourist. She mentioned that the Ministry sought to have a private sector driven industry with people/communities at the center and government providing the enabling environment and support.

Minister Tunis took pleasure and applauded the fact that the establishments visited are owned by Sierra Leoneans. She called on more Sierra Leoneans to invest in hospitality establishments as there are huge jobs offerings in the sector. She ended by encouraging hotel owners to reduce prices in order to allow more people to visit especially in this travel and hospitality month of February in the Tourism for All Campaign.

MTCA Communications