Explore and Discover Yankai Beach

There is abundance of eco-tourism friendly ambiances in Sierra Leone and Yankai Beach is one of those. Situated at the Yankai river, big water at the Freetown Peninsula, Yankai beach is environmentally friendly and has cultural dynamics that appeals to visitors’ admiration.

A team from the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, led by the Minister, Nabeela Tunis and include the Permanent Secretary, Edward Kwame Yankson, the Director of Tourism, Mohamed Jalloh and Senior Tourist Officer, Mohamed Barrie paid an on-the-spot visit to Yankai beach to get firsthand assessment of the facility. During their tour, they were moved by the natural ambiance of the beach and also the efforts of a Sierra Leonean entrepreneur, Mohamed Dumbuya in developing and adding value to the site with the construction of eco-lodges.

To this end, Yankai beach is now part of the packages for the Explore and Discover activity in the ongoing year-long tourism for all campaign.

MTCA Communications