At Peace Museum, ECOWAS Parliamentarians Expressed Hope for the New Sierra Leone

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) lawmakers including the female caucus has commended the people of Sierra Leone for their courage of overcoming the civil war and expressed hope for the new Sierra Leone. They made this statement after having a conducted tour of the Peace Museum in Special Court where they were showed and told the causes of the war, it devastating effect on civilians, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) commissioners, the public archive and those that bear the greatest responsibilities of the 11 years civil war in Sierra Leone.



The visit to the Museum by the lawmakers was in continuation of their tour of touristic and historical sites as part of the Travel and Hospitality month of the Tourism for All Campaign to experience hospitality and also familiarize with the history of Sierra Leone. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the visit followed their previous tour of Tacugama Chimps Sanctuary.

The Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Nabeela Tunis introduced the ECOWAS parliamentarian to the Registrar of the Peace Museum, Binta Mansaray who welcomed the MPs saying that the Museum is a legacy project of the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone to honour the victims of the war and assist in the peace process. The Outreach Coordinator, Patrick Fatoma narrated the war’s history, the peace process, and the memorial garden in honor of the victims.

Hon. Umeoji Chukwuma Michael from Nigeria said the tour was a reminder of what war can do and a sign of encouragement that Sierra Leone can overcome such. He thanked the people of Sierra Leone for preserving the history and looked forward to a peaceful prosperous country.

The Director of Culture, Foday Jalloh, the Chairman of Monument and Relics Commission, Joseph Kaifala and Senior Tourist Officer, Tamba S. Bundor were part of the tour.

The Peace Museum was established to serve as a memorial, research and historical site for both Sierra Leoneans and non-Sierra Leoneans. It contains significant historical documents such as the Special Court Public Archives and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) records.

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