A look at World Forest Day and World Water Day 2024

Every March 21 and 22, the world comes together to celebrate World Forests Day and World Water Day respectively. These days are dedicated to raising awareness about the increase importance of forests for our planet and it’s inhabitants and to remind ourselves the importance of water for our life.

The 2024 celebrations hold particular significance as we grapple with the over growing challenges of Climate Change, Biodiversity loss, water scarcity and pollution.

From the book we read to the air we breath, trees are the lungs of the earth and it’s protection and conservation is the foremost responsibility for all of us. Water is not just a resource, but a fundamental human right that is essential to every aspect of life.

The theme for World Forest Day 2024 is “Forest and innovation: New solutions for a better world” reminding us that our future depends on healthy forests. And the theme of World Water Day 2024 is “water for peace,” emphasising the vital role water plays in upholding global stability and promoting prosperity

Over the years, World Forest Day and World Water Day have become global platforms for governments, organizations, communities and individuals to come together to address forest and water related issues, advocate for conservation and discuss innovative opportunities to forests and water management and protection.

Every tree planted and water conserve is a step towards a greener, healthier future for us all. Let us join the global movement for a greener future. Let’s celebrate the fact that forests, harbour 80% of terrestrial biodiversity, provide food, income and energy for billion people, supply three quarters of accessible fresh water, contain over half of the global carbon stock, helping combat climate change.

Let’s celebrate the lungs of our planet and pledge to protect and preserve them for future generations. Together we can make a difference in ensuring the health and sustainability of our planet. It is our responsibility to take care of our forests and Water! Let’s do it together!

Courtesy: MTCA/NTB