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The Sierra Leone Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs has designed this website to let you explore the hidden paradise of the beauty of Sierra Leone “home of hospitality”,
the untold and untapped resource within the tourism sector, destinations and very good experiences available in the country for visitors. If you are planning a trip to
Sierra Leone or just interested in learning more about the country you will find everything you will find everything you are looking for here.

Sierra Leone has unique quality features over many other destinations in the world. It is just five (5) hour’s flight away from major European destinations.
Sierra Leone is a popular and easily accessible destination attracting tourists in search of sun, sand, sea, nature and varied
cultural experience and of which this unique country has plenty.

Experience Sierra Leone

History of Sierra Leone

In 1808 Sierra Leone became a British crown colony, ruled under a colonial governor. The British administration favored a policy of “indirect rule” whereby they relied on slightly reorganized indigenous institutions to implement colonial policies and maintain order. Rulers who had been “kings” and “queens” became instead “paramount chiefs,” some of them appointed by the administration, and then forced into a subordinate relationship…

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