River Number 2. Beach

Situated along the Western Area Peninsular 15 km from the city Freetown, River No.2 is a Unique beach with pristine white sand, a long stretch River, wildlife Eco-system and back and mountainous backdrop.  River Number 2 is the name of the river that flows into the ocean on the Western Area Peninsula and refers to both this river and the beach. It is seen as one of Sierra Leone’s most alluring and celebrated attractions and is popular with both tourists and Sierra Leoneans. It is next to Tokeh Beach.

Lakka Beach

 Lakka is a coastal resort town around the peninsular in the Western Area Rural District of Sierra Leone. The town lies about ten miles west of Freetown. The major industry in Lakka town is tourism and fishing. Lakka is known for its large beaches, which attract tourists to the town. The inhabitants of Lakka are mainly fishermen. Lakka town is home to its own hospital, a number of hotels, as well as several primary schools and a secondary school.

Tokeh Beach

Tokeh also known as Tokeh Town is a coastal resort town along the peninsula in the Western Area Rural District of Sierra Leone. Tokeh lies approximately twenty miles east of Freetown and near the neighborhood town of York. The major economic activity in Tokeh is fishing and tourism. Tokeh is home to a large resort called “The Place” and other accommodation facilities of relatively high standards. The Tokeh beach is one of the largest and most attractive beaches in West Africa. Tokeh is also known for its mountains, forests, resort hotels, and nearby Tokeh Island, an uninhabited island a short boat ride from Tokeh town.

Lumley Beach

This beach stretches for some 1.5 miles and it is perfect for a walk. On weekends there are a lot of friendly people playing football and this is a good chance to socialize with the locals. There are also few nice beach bars and restaurants nearby if you wish to have a cold drink or so. Lumley Beach is the most visited beach in Freetown, at the heart of the city and has the highest concentration of tourist facilities in the country.

Bureh Beach

Bureh Town is a small resort town in the Rural District in the Western Area of Sierra Leone. Bureh Town is located around the Sierra Leone peninsular; and is home to the Bureh Beach, one of the main tourists attracting centres in Sierra Leone. Bureh Town is home to the Bureh Beach surf club, the only surf club centre in Sierra Leone. The town is named after Bai Bureh, a Sierra Leonean pro-independent leader, who led the Hut Tax War of 1898 in Northern Sierra Leone against the British administration of Sierra Leone.